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Crossing the Border
Border Crossings between South Africa and Mozambique
  • Lebombo (South Africa) / Ressano Garcia (Mozambique)
  • Kosi Bay (South Africa) / Ponta do Ouro (Mozambique)
  • Pafuri (South Africa) / Limpopo (Mozambique)
  • Kruger National Park (South Africa) / Giriyonda (Mozambique)
There are a number of options to cross the border over land from South Africa to Mozambique. The Lebombo/Ressano Garcia border post is being used by substantially larger volumes of travellers as well as for the movement of commercial produce and it is deemed appropriate to provide a guideline on the required procedures at this border post.
Please Pay Attention
  • This guideline offers a basic explanation of the required Border Crossing procedures and it is drafted in support of work done by the Authorities on both sides of the border – You are advised to comply with instructions of border officials.
  • Travellers must have a valid passport (validity at least 30 days after the intended return date) with two clean pages in the passport.
  • Visas are not required by South African passport holders for a stay of up to 30 days.
  • For the fiscal allowances and exemptions to Travellers to Mozambique – click here
  • No firearms will be allowed to cross the border, without the required permits.
  • No animals (pets) will be allowed to cross the border, without the required permits.
  • Third Party Insurance is compulsory for all non-Mozambican registered vehicles entering the country. These can normally be procured on the border, from official representatives of the different insurance companies.
  • All vehicles are required to be equipped with two red Warning Triangles, two Reflective Jackets and one fire-extinguisher.
  • Health requirements: Vaccinations Compulsory – Yellow Fever (if coming from an infected area); Recommended – Typhoid, Hepatitis A & B, Tetanus and Polio; Precautions – Malaria risk.
  • If you are planning to cross the border at LEBOMBO/RESSANO GARCIA please take time and read the latest newsletter of the Maputo Corridor Logistics Initiative (MCLI). It contains essential information that will surely make your journey easier.
    Click here to access an index of their latest newsletters.
  • For detailed information, regarding  freight and/or commercial goods crossing the border from South Africa to Mozambique or from Mozambique to South Africa – click here      
On the South African side
  • On entering the border post you will receive a gate pass.
  • Inside the Customs/Immigration building you need to complete the paper work.
  • All goods must be declared, especially valuables such cameras and computers.
  • Keep the stamped Customs declaration form in a safe place – you will need to show it to the Customs officials on re-entering South Africa.
  • Custom officials will also stamp your gate pass.
  • Proceed to complete Immigration procedures.
  • Immigration officials will also stamp your gate pass.
  • Return to your vehicle and drive through to the Mozambican side.
  • Before leaving the South African side you must give the gate pass to the guard on duty.  
On the Mozamican side
  • On entering the border a guard will hand you a gate pass.
  • “Runners” are not government officials. No official fees are payable on either side of the border for the completion of documents. It is advised not to use them.
  • Proceed to Immigration (Migraçao) – each individual must have passport stamped.
  • Ensure that the gate pass is also stamped.
  • Driver to obtain a vehicle form – complete request for Temporary Import permission regarding vehicle, boat trailer and electronic equipment – issued by Customs officials (Alfândega) and generally valid for a period of 30 days.
  • Proceed to the duty counter declare goods and pay relevant duties. Keep documentation for the duration of your journey as proof of payment.
  • Alfândega officials are at liberty to search your vehicle.
  • If you should be found to be in possession of any undeclared items these will be confiscated.
  • Hand in the gate pass and enter Mozambique.

On the Road – in Mozambique

Travelling on the roads in Mozambique can be a very pleasant experience and like anywhere else in the world there are things that you must be aware off.  The N4 continues from South Africa to Maputo and it is managed by the company Trans African Concessions (TRAC). In Mozambique there are two toll Plazas, namely the Moamba Toll Plaza and the Maputo Toll Plaza. Both accept only cash Metical, Rand or US Dollar and change will be paid in the local currency. Click here to view the latest Toll fees. (Link http://www.tracn4.co.za/toll-fees.html )

With this in mind, we wish to assist you in a safe and stress free journey by sharing Mozambique’s travel regulations with you. There are different officials on the road performing specific functions in controlling various elements. The information here below will provide for a more courteous interaction between officials and road users. When stopping for an official, please indicate, stop and turn on your hazard lights. Kindly turn down the music and remove your sunglasses. The officer will appreciate this as a small token of respect.
  • Officers in White Shirts and Blue Trousers – Traffic Police – shall carry identification, with their names and number visible on their uniform – are permitted to fine you for any traffic violations listed in this table. Please insist on a written fine and do not initiate a bride.
  • Officers in Light Grey Shirt and Dark Grey Trousers – Protection Police – are NOT permitted to fine you for any violations. They are allowed to take you to the police station for arrest only if you are found carrying stolen goods or illegal substance or contraband, or for theft or assault. They normally work together with the Traffic Police.
  • Officers in Dark Green – Rapid Intervention Police – similar duties to Protection Police.
  • Officers in Light Green Shirt and Green Trousers with red Armband – Municipal Police – are only permitted to check taxis.
  • Officers in Light Blue Shirt and Blue Trousers – Alfândega (Customs) – permitted to search vehicles for undeclared items.
  • Military – allowed to search vehicle at roadblocks or border posts.
Useful contact numbers in Mozambique:
  • Anti-corruption/help
: +258 82 396 9890
  • ER24 Maputo
: +258 84 124 3724
  • TRAC EN4 Route – Emergencies
: +258 82 303 4303
  • South African High Commission in Maputo
: +258 82 303 4303
  • After hours
: +258 84 304 4600
Conversion of a South African Drivers License
It is possible to convert a South African Drivers License to a foreign driving license in the country where he / she currently resides. To start the procedure the applicant must approach the Road Traffic Management Corporation (RTMC) in South Africa. It will be in a position to issue a confirmation letter should such an applicant have a valid drivers license – as confirmed by the eNATIS system in South Africa. This letter will serve as proof that the applicant does indeed hold a valid license and it will enable the person to convert the license to a foreign driving license in the country where he / she currently resides.
Process to follow:
  • Request the RTMC in writing for a printout and confirmation letter of your drivers license.
  • Request must include:
    • Your contact details – including a fax number;
    • Copy of your bar coded ID document;
    • Copy if your drivers license.

Location and Contacts of the RTMC in South Africa:

Address : Road Traffic Management Corporation (RTMC)Private Bag X147
Pretoria, 0001
Street Address : Boardwalk Office Park – Phase 5, Boardwalk Boulevard, Faerie Glen, 0043
Telephone : 087 301 8200
  : 012 999 5200
  : 0861 400 800 (not toll free)
  : 086 602 5928
E-mail : info@rtmc.co.za
  : tshwarelom@rtmc.co.za
  : davidm@rtmc.co.za
  : rhodad@rtmc.co.za
Website : www.rtmc.co.za

Mozambican Traffic Violations and Fines (Road Decree 1/2011) 


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