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Message from the High Commissioner, HE Archie Whitehead
Dear Fellow South Africans,

Mankind was exceedingly glad to see the back of 2020, a year in which millions throughout the globe experienced the devastating social, economic and political consequences of Covid-19. In South Africa, very few of us were left unscathed by the virus. Most families had one or other, relative, friend, acquaintance or oneself infected, affected by the virus.

20121, even though our vigilance needs to remain steadfast, offers light in a previously dark tunnel, especially with the discovery of a number of vaccines by some pharmaceutical companies based in the developed North. Shamefully, we have seen the acceleration of vaccine nationalism coupled with hoarding of these antidotes by those who have the means to purchase these, much to the peril of the developing world.

We know that there are countries which have more than twice the capacity of vaccine they require and refuse to share these with countries of the South. Reminds one of an old African proverb, “When your neighbour’s house is on fire, you do not beat the tom tom but you take a bucket of water and put out the fire.” We are in this universally together. The focus of vaccination in one national entity will not result in the ending of the disease that is killing thousands of people. The vaccine is a human right and not a favour.

The second wave in South Africa is in a wane due to the efforts of ordinary citizens who now recognise the dangers of Covid-19 which has claimed many lives. Even though we have begun the process of vaccination, experts believe the pandemic will be with us long into the future, especially because of new variants emerging all over the globe. Our neighbours, Namibians, are also in the grips of the pandemic albeit with much less causalities than most countries in Africa.

Given the impact on travel and the closure of borders, the Namibian government aware of the dislocation, has given us an undertaking that all South Africans who have overstayed their visit will be allowed to leave the country on or before the 28th of February 2021. We urge all South Africans to take advantage of their generous offer.

Finally, we urge all South Africans and Namibians to observe social distancing, all related protocol and follow the advice given by both their governments and scientists. Let us remember we are in this together.

Keep Safe!
SA High Commissioner-Windhoek, Namibia
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HE Mr WMP Whitehead
Head of Mission
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