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Consular Services
Welcome to the Immigration Section at the High Commission in Windhoek.  The Immigration Section deals with all Immigration and Civic services in Namibia. 
Physical Address : South African High Commission
Cnr Nelson Mandela Avenue and Jan Jonker Street
Postal Address : P O Box 23100
Republic of Namibia
Head of Section: Ms Emma Ramokhele

South African passports and Identity Documents; birth, marriage, death and Emergency Travel Certificates; amendments and verification of marital status. (New applications and collecting of finalised documents).

Citizenship: Renunciation, determination, confirmation, retention, permanent residence and Emergency Travel Certificates.

South African Emergency Travel Certificates; visitor’s and transit visas only. (New applications and collection of finalised Emergency Travel Certificates, visitor’s and transit visas).

Submitting new applications and for collection of study, work, relative’s, corporate, repatriation claims and Emergency Travel Certificates. Collection of finalised transit visas.

South African Emergency Travel Certificates.

Open on Monday-Friday between 8.15 and 12.15. On 24 December and 31 December open between 8.15 and10.00 for collection of Emergency Travel Certificates and visas. Closed on 10 August; 26 August; 16 December; 24 December, 25 December and 1 January 2016.

Telephone number: (061) 2057111, Fax: (061) 236093.

Office hours
  • The Immigration Section is open to the public Monday to Friday from 08h15 – 12h15.

  • Telephonic enquiries are attended to from 12h30-16h30 Monday to Thursday, and 12h30-15h00 on Fridays.
Tel : +264 61 205 7111/7241/7240/7244/7243
Fax : +26461 236 093
E-mail : windhoek.consular@dirco.gov.za
or fax on 061 236 093
Visiting South Africa

Summary of the South African requirements for minors travelling internationally with effect 01 June 2015

Please Note that the new South African Immigration Amendment Act, 2011, came into effect in May 2014.  All parties are encouraged to familiarise themselves with the new regulations which can be found at the website of the Department of Home Affairs. 

Namibian citizens (Namibian passport holders) visiting the Republic of South Africa for ninety (90) days or less per calendar year for tourism / business purposes do not need visas. 
If your visit would exceed ninety days per calendar year or if you want to travel to South Africa to study, work, receive medical treatment, etc, you will need to apply for a visa. 
Non-Namibian passport holders and nationals of other countries must check the list of visa exempt countries (click here – link www.dha.gov.za) to see if they need to apply for visas. If the names of their countries are not listed, it means they need to apply for visas. There are also countries that are visa exempt if the applicant is travelling to South Africa for a period of 30 days or less.

There are countries which are required to apply for visas but are exempt from visa fees, e.g. India, Colombia, Mexico, etc. Please refer to the list of countries that pay for visas (click here – link to www.dha.gov.za) and if your country is not listed it means you do not need to pay for visas. 

A yellow fever certificate is required only if the applicant is passing through yellow fever belt area before entering South Africa.

Visitors to South Africa must have passports / travel documents valid for thirty (30) more days after the intended return date from South Africa.  The passport must contain at least two (2) unused (blank) pages labeled Visa when presented at the High Commission; One page is for affixing the visa or permit at the High Commission and the other page is for endorsement of entry/departure stamp by the South African Immigration Services. Note: Visa pages referred to above do not include pages reserved for Endorsements, Amendments or Observations.
Immigration Section Services
  • The Immigration Section deals with all Immigration and Civic services.  These are categorized as follows and all relevant information and requirements can be accessed through the Department of Home Affairs website linked below:  
Immigration Services: http://www.dha.gov.za/index.php/immigration-services
  • Visas
  • Temporary Residence Permits (Business permits, Work permits, Corporate permits, Study permits, Exchange permits, Retired persons’ permits, Relatives permits and Medical treatment permits)
  • Permanent Residence Permits
  • Refugee and asylum papers
Civic Services: http://www.dha.gov.za/index.php/civic-services
  • Births, Marriages and Deaths
  • Identity Documents and Identification
  • Citizenship
  • Travel Documents and Passports
Application forms & documents
  • All relevant forms must be completed in black ink.
  • Application forms are not downloadable. Please collect the relevant forms from the High Commission in Windhoek or send a self-addressed stamped envelope (size A4 30cm x 24 cm) to our office requesting these forms to be sent to you.  A self addressed express post envelope is required with each application.
  • Applications must be submitted by applicants personally
  • No corrections must be made on the form.
  • Documentation completed incorrectly or not fully will be returned.
  • Applications by mail must be done via courier services to: 

    • South African High Commission
      Cnr Nelson Mandela Avenue and Jan Jonker Street
      Attention: The Consular Section
Divorce Registration

This registration is for the divorce that is not registered with Home Affairs and the person has a divorce decree.

The process for registration is as follows: No photocopying services will be provided. Applicants to bring own copies as well as original documents. The South African High Commission will only assist in certifying the documents.
Study Visa
Service Fees
  • Fees must be paid only in Namibian Dollars or bank issued cheques.  No Personal cheques or payments in any other foreign currency will be accepted. 
  • The schedule of fees is as follows:



Unabridged Birth, death, marriage certificate

N$ 75.00

Abridged Birth, death, marriage certificate

N$ 20.00

Amendment of Birth Registration

N$ 70.00

Application for a forename or surname change of a minor

N$ 700.00

Application for a forename or surname of a major

N$ 140.00

Application for assuming another surname for the major

N$ 325.00

Letter of confirmation of marital status

N$ 50.00

Regular Passport

N$ 400.00

Child passport

N$ 400.00

Replacement of passports that run out of blank pages before the expiry date

N$ 400.00

Emergency travel certificate

N$ 160.00

Temporary passports

N$ 200.00

MAXI passports

N$ 600.00

Naturalization application and issue of original citizenship certificate

N$ 90.00

Resumption of South African Citizenship

Application can be submitted at the Department of Home Affairs in South Africa only

Retention of South African Citizenship

N$ 300.00

Reinstatement of South African Citizenship

Application can be submitted at the Department of Home Affairs in South Africa only

Lost Passport

N$ 800.00

Temporary Residence Permit e.g. study purposes

N$ 425.00
For study purposes an additional refundable repatriation deposit (N$ 3,000.00 for Namibians) is required


If applicable, N$ 425.00
If applicable, transit visas: no charge

Identity Document

N$ 180

Some frequently asked questions in Namibia
  1. Question: I am a Namibian citizen that is also eligible for South African citizenship.  Am I able to acquire South African citizenship while retaining my Namibian citizenship? 

    Answer : In cases where foreign applicants (e.g. Namibians) want to apply for South African citizenship, documentary proof needs to be submitted to South Africa from the current country of nationality (e.g. Namibia) confirming that it allows dual citizenship. In the event that the current country of nationality (e.g. Namibia) does not allow dual citizenship, the applicant is provided with the option of renouncing the current citizenship in favour of South African citizenship. In the absence of the aforesaid, South African citizenship cannot be considered.

  2. Question: I am a South African citizen wishing to take-up citizenship of another country (e.g. Namibia).  What must I do?

    Answer: You would have to determine whether the country to which you wish to take up citizenship (e.g. Namibia) allows for dual citizenship, and follow that country’s prescribed regulations.  If you want to formally obtain the citizenship of another country while retaining your South African citizenship, you can apply for retention of your South African citizenship. For more information in this regard please click here - link to http://www.dha.gov.za/index.php/civic-services
  3. Question: I am a Namibian citizen that was born in Namibia before Namibian Independence on 21 March 1990.  If I renounce my South African citizenship can I retain the right to permanent residency in South Africa?

    Answer: Yes

  4. Question: If I am a South African citizen with citizenship and passport of another country, on what passport should I travel when going to South Africa?

    Answer: South African citizens must always enter and depart South Africa using their South African passports. 
HE Mr WMP Whitehead
Head of Mission
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