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:: Message from Ambassador Fikile Magubane
Dear Reader,

It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to the Web-site of the South African Embassy in Madrid.

For those of you who are looking for useful information on South Africa we have endeavoured to supply you with some of the most relevant links which hopefully will provide the answers that you are looking for whether they are of a political, economic or social nature.

For those of you who don’t know South Africa at all, I would like to welcome you to browse through our website and I trust that you will find this journey of great interest.

For our Spanish visitors to our site, you will remember that South Africa successfully hosted the 2010 FIFA World Cup where your national senior men’s football team, “La Roja” won for the first time the prestigious FIFA Trophy. You may also know that South Africa was the first African country to host this FIFA Championship. With this tournament, South Africa again proved that we are a country that seeks excellence and that we have the capacity to organize and stage premium world events such as these.

South Africa continues to be an exciting and vibrant destination. Since 27th April this year, South Africa has been celebrating the twentieth anniversary of the historic elections held in 1994 when we managed to forge a constitutional democracy, thereby ushering a new form of governance in the country, which is premised on the commitment to enhance the potential of all our people, while also integrating us into the community of the World as a equal partner. In the last two decades of our Freedom, while we acknowledge the areas where we still need to do better, South Africa, through many achievements that we have recorded within such a short time, indeed has a good story to tell and continues to be a better place to live in. Today, South Africa is a politically stable country, and has always an ever-growing role in Africa, the World and among the developing countries.

This website is but a small window into South Africa which we have on occasions referred to as a World in One Country. Here you will learn more about our beautiful country. You will also find important links to other websites providing specific information on trade, investment opportunities, tourism information, and to our government in general. Perhaps we might interest you enough to consider paying a visit to our country and allowing us to welcome you to our shores.

For any suggestions that you may have about this website or any matters that you may wish us to take note of, please send your message to following email address: madrid.embassy@dirco.gov.za

Thank you!

Fikile Magubane
Amb F. S. Magubane
Head of Mission
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