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The Department of International Relations and Cooperation (DIRCO) introduced its stakeholder magazine Ubuntu – South Africa’s Public Diplomacy in action – in August 2012. The publication’s objectives are to communicate with and inform stakeholders on South Africa’s foreign policy positions, achievements, objectives and goals. It also provides analysis and information on key departmental issues ranging from current affairs, bilateral and multilateral milestones, upcoming events, as well as international work done by other government departments, business and parastatals.

Issue 28, November 2022:

Special features in Issue 28 include:

  • Liberation Heritage: Lillian Masediba Ngoyi
  • Celebrating the legacy of Solomon Linda
  • A South African university publisher makes it to 100. A rare and important event
  • Tourism sector is making significant strides towards recovery
  • Africa’s Free Trade Area offers promise for cities
  • How African countries coordinated the response to COVID-19: Lessons for public health
  • Rock stars: How a group of scientists in South Africa rescued a rare chunk of human history
  • Africa is a treasure trove of medicinal plants: Here are seven that are popular
  • After landmark UN declaration, hope for cleaner air
  • Climate change: Colonial diaries in South Africa are helping scientists reconstruct weather patterns of the past to protect against future events
  • The Woman King is more than an action movie – it shines a light on the women warriors of Benin
  • Footprints take science a step closer to understanding southern Africa’s dinosaurs
  • Flipper traces reveal the presence of ancient seals on South Africa’s coast
  • Four lessons from Serena Williams for sportswomen in Africa
  • Flying the flag

Issue 27, June 2022:

Special features in Issue 27 include:

  • Liberation Heritage: Amina Cachalia
  • Radio has a rich history as a weapon of the liberation struggle in southern Africa
  • Queen Elizabeth II: A reign that saw the end of the British empire in Africa
  • Implementing the Bangkok Rules in South Africa
  • Tourism recovery underway
  • How visionary scientist Bernie Fanaroff put African astronomy on the map
  • African scientists and technology could drive future black hole discoveries
  • Combined power of two telescopes is helping crack the mystery of eerie rings in the sky
  • The award-winning African documentary project that goes inside the lives of migrants
  • Antjie Krog and the role of the poet in South Africa’s public life
  • Legendary Mike Mzileni captured South Africa’s history and also its musical stars
  • Flying the flag

Issue 26, March 2022:

Special features in Issue 26 include:

  • Liberation Heritage: Desmond Tutu
  • Endurance: Shackleton’s lost ship found in Antarctic
  • Lindiwe Mabuza: Feminist icon who used art to fight for democracy in South Africa
  • Africa’s first mRNA vaccine technology transfer hub gets to work
  • How COVID gave African countries the opportunity to improve public health
  • Defining what’s ethical in artificial intelligence needs input from Africans
  • Artificial intelligence carries a huge upside. But potential harms need to be managed
  • Nanosatellite launch is a big step forward for African space science
  • Can e-commerce help save the planet?
  • From massacre to majesty: This is Seha’s journey
  • How we found a way to track alien marine species along South Africa’s coast
  • Damon Galgut’s Booker-winning novel probes white South Africa and the land issue
  • I was part of the team that found the Homo naledi child’s skull: How we did it
  • Flying the flag